Flower for June – Delphinium

Delphinium arrangement for weddingsThe Delphinium is a classic summer flower with a dramatic and unmistakable appearance from the Latin delphis, meaning dolphin.  More commonly known as Larkspur, the Delphinium is a semi-hardy perennial plant from a genus of almost 300 species in the ranunculaceae family.

Its unusual flowering central stem is a striking feature with a spectrum of colours that vary from pale whites and yellows through to deep red and purples as well as numerous eye-catching blues for which they are renowned. The multitude of showy flowers sprout from a raceme consisting of five surrounding petals known as sepals which grow together to form a spur and enclose the inner true petals in a pocket like shape in a contrasting colour.  The central flowering spur varies in height from 10cm up to 2 metres according to the species.  Leaves are palmate shaped with deeply pointed lobes.

Despite being toxic to some animals and insects, Delphiniums are loved by garden wildlife and are pollinated by butterflies and bees making them a much admired addition to cottage gardens.  Many of the more common delphinium varieties are hybrids that have been specifically cultivated for size and colour.

Delphinium bloom from early to mid-summer and enjoy a sunny spot in well drained soil with regular feeding and provide an enduring summer display.

As a cut flower, the Delphinium also makes a stunning and long-lasting addition to flower arrangements.  They frequently feature in wedding arrangements for churches and tables due to their longevity and poised appearance.

The delphinium flower is thought to represent generosity and the essence of divine qualities and symbolise a sense of joy.

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Flower for June – Delphinium
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