Flower for November – Celosia

Celosia FlowerCelosias are one of the showiest and eye-catching flowers with a stunning range of vibrant colours and shapes, reminiscent of the amazing firework displays for Guy Fawkes.  Species are often referred to as woolflowers or cockscomb.  The three primary types of celosia are easily distinguishable as plumed, spiked or crested which refers to their striking shapes.

The plumes grow in huge jewel-coloured flamed spires that are similar to elongated cones such as Celosia Plumosa.  The more tapered spiked variety has feathered wheat-like spikes such as Celosia Spicata. The crested variety gracefully burst into a delightful twisted crest -like formation stemming from a single bud such as Celosia Cristata.Celosia Arrangement

Their vivid hues in dazzling red, yellow, cream, orange, rose, deep magenta and pink practically glow in a haze of striking magnificence.  Celosia can range in size from dwarf varieties that only grow up to six inches through to vigorous types which are over three feet tall. The taller varieties make excellent cut flowers and give amazing contrast to an arrangement with spikes raised above other blooms.

Surprisingly, Celosia also has some medicinal properties and the leaves are classed as edible although we don’t recommend you serve them up!  We much prefer to use Celosia to add impact to our arrangements and bouquets.  If you are considering recreating an effective colour explosion then Celosia is an ideal choice.

These lovely blooms are now in stock at The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique.

Flower for November – Celosia
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