Flower for October – Chrysanthemums

Halloween PumpkinsChrysanthemums have often been viewed as the poor relation of the flower world but in recent years have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to their longevity and more reasonable cost.   The name originates from the Greek word Krus Anthemon which means gold flower although they are now commonly available in an extensive variety of colours and varieties.

HaloweenChrysanthemum blooms are specially grown, removing any side shoots to concentrate all the plants energy on producing one large central flower.  The spray variety have several flowers on each stem and are a very popular choice for many types of arrangements. Chrysanthemums are very hardy and the cut flowers last extremely well in warm indoor conditions during the Autumn months.

Tom Pearce is a vibrant and decorative full headed Chrysanthemum bloom with delightful petals that curve upwards with rich tones of orange and gold undersides.

These fabulous flowers make a stunning Halloween statement with their seasonal colour palette providing a perfect autumnal glow to their surroundings.

We have also used a lovely selection of burnt orange Santini Hilda variety Spray Chrysanthemums to create our seasonal Halloween Pumpkins.

Crysanthemums for Halloween

These lovely blooms are now in stock at The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique.

Flower for October – Chrysanthemums
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