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The inclusion of flowers as part of the Christmas festivities is a long standing tradition and many flowers have come to represent the true spirit and meaning of this special time of the year. Christmas flowers have their origins deeply embedded with many symbolic aspects of Christmas and feature in numerous legends and myths as well as being highly significant in biblical recounts of events.

While some symbols and meanings have evolved over time, most traditions of decorating the home with evergreen plants, garlands and wreaths are symbolically associated with religious beliefs in everlasting life as they produce leave all year round with some even producing blooms at Christmas time.  It is also traditional to give certain flowers as gifts during Christmas.


There are numerous Christmas evergreens including the following:

  • Christmas Trees such as Pines and Spruce
  • Holly and Ivy
  • Poinsettia
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas Cactus

Popular Christmas flowers include the Christmas Rose, Amaryllis and Hyacinths.  For some more seasonal arrangements take a peak at our lovely Christmas Collection.

While Christmas is still celebrated by Christian faiths as a religious occasion, it has become widely accepted worldwide that Christmas is also celebrated by non-Christians as a cultural, non-secular festival.

Festive shrubs and flowers add a little bit of Christmas magic to the occasion and create lovely focal points for your home.

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