Tone and shape your Thighs and Bum for the Big Day

3 Great Exercises to Tone and Shape your Thighs and Bum

In our first article we looked at some great exercises for shaping up your arms for your big day and in this post we give you three top exercises to shape your thighs and bum.

1. Static Lunges

Static Lunges will really shape and tone your thighs, both front and back of thigh as well as your glutes (bum) and the great thing is you can do them with or without weights as they will be just as effective. You should try to perform 12 reps on each leg 3 times and add dumbells if you have them.

2. Single Leg Squats

Single Leg Squats really shape and strengthen the glutes (bum) as well as helping to improve balance. The advantage of this particular exercise is that each leg works unilaterally so you work each leg equally as your stronger leg can’t take over.

You should perform 8-10 reps on each leg 2-3 times ensuring you can keep your balance throughout the sets.

3. Cable Squats

Cable Squats are a brilliant exercise for your thighs and bum as the cables really help to put you into the correct position so your form is easier to maintain as you perform this exercise. You also get an extra benefit as this one works the back and shoulders a little as well! For this one aim to perform 3 sets of 15 reps in each set, experimenting with the weight on the cable machine, making sure to increase the weight regularly.


Good Luck,  wishing you the most fabulous wedding day.

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Tone and shape your Thighs and Bum for the Big Day
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