Wedding Flower Themes

Themed weddings are not just about elaborate and extravagant ideas involving all the guests dressing up and can simply be about carrying through an idea such as a colour scheme, style or season.

Some of our most popular wedding flowers themes are included below but there are limitless other ideas to choose from and every wedding is different.  We can tailor the flowers for your theme, whatever it may be, giving your day that extra special finishing touch!

Popular Wedding Flower Themes

Vintage (Shabby Chic) Flower Theme

Soft pinks and pastels combined with lovely accessories for a truly vintage feel.

Contemporary Wedding Flower Theme

A modern twist for an extra bit of contemporary style.

Simplicity Wedding Flower Themes

Simple and elegant makes a statement.

Traditional Wedding Flower Themes

Blending traditional colours in classic styles.

Classic White Themes

Stylish and flexible to create your own statement.

Colour Scheme Themes

Subtle ways to make your colour work for you.

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